Belov Sergey


Senior Lecturer at the Department of Government and Administrative Law, School of Law, St. Petersburg State University

Areas of expertise: constitutional and administrative law

О лекторе

Sergey Belov is a specialist in constitutional and administrative law. He lectures extensively in the Russian Federation and internationally (universities of Sweden, South Korea, Greece, Poland, Brazil, and Finland)He is frequently engaged as an expert by the government authorities of the Russian Federation, most notably, the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of RF and the Constitutional Court of RF. Mr. Belov administers the monitoring of law enforcement in different fields. He is an individual member of the International Association of Constitutional Law. He has previously worked for the government authorities of St. Petersburg: Legislative Assembly, Charter Court, and City Hall

Sergey Belov’s fields of scientific interest include: theory of constitutional law, practice of the administration of constitutional justice in Russia and beyond, interrelations between constitutional and international, constitutional and administrative law, legal regulation of the official language, theory of administrative legal relations, legal regulation of the economy, and the system of publication of laws and statutes