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Batsiev  Viktor


Head of the “Tax. Podderzhka” functional area, “Podderzhka” Cultural and Educational Project

Areas of expertise: fiscal law

О лекторе

Track record in the legal profession: 20 years

Viktor Batsiev led the Department of Analysis and Generalization of Court Practice, an analytical division of the Supreme Arbitration Court of RF, for more than 3 years

He served as a judge, chair of the Tax Bench, and member of the Court Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of RF from 2009 until its dissolution

He holds the highest qualification rank of judges

Mr. Batsiev holds the title of Merited Officer of the Judicial System

He is a member of the Expert Body for the Improvement of Tax Legislation at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of RF

Full State Counsellor of Justice, 3rd Class

Viktor Batsiev teaches fiscal law at S.S. Alekseyev Research Centre of Private Law under the President of RF